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An accurate simulation of "The Hunger Games". You're a tribute, fighting intelligent AI in a "battle royal" to be the last person standing. Inspired by the novels by Suzanne Collins and the movies by Lionsgate Films. This is a turn based combat game in 1st person perspective, with Roguelike elements. The randomly generated arenas feature a central "Cornucopia" filled with melee and ranged weapons along with food and other gear, surrounded by wilderness in which one can hide or forage. You may form alliances with the other tributes, and backstab or be backstabbed by your allies. In the cover image (from the audience standpoint) you can see the semicircle of 24 tributes on their platforms, the central golden Cornucopia, gear in front of and within it, and surrounding landscape containing mountains and waterways.

Install instructions

Once installed, to play click "The Hunger Games" icon in the "Start / All Programs / Daedalus / Scripts" program group, or inside the Daedalus program itself select the "File / Run Script / The Hunger Games" menu command. Note if you don't run the setup program as Administrator, then there may be an error message saying "failed to register file extensions", but that's ignorable. For gameplay details including strategy tips, see: http://www.astrolog.org/labyrnth/daedalus/hunger.htm


dae33hgs.exe 23 MB


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I have a macBook and I wold love to play your game please cen you meke a mac edition



Great Game! XOXO Katniss!!!!! <3 lol lmao


this is a waste of my time


Can you be more specific? Not everybody has to like every game, but even a negative review can be a good thing if it makes it clearer to others what a game is like, so they can decide for themselves. :-)